Personalized First Birthday Ideas

//Personalized First Birthday Ideas

Personalized First Birthday Ideas

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A one year old child typically has no comprehension of what their first birthday is all about, nor have they established personal preferences or the dialogue to communicate them. Gifts are generally purchased blindly and usually fall in the clothing, books or noisy toys categories. While these are all appreciated in moderation, before long they will all wind up in a box labelled “goodwill“, so why not consider more personal first birthday ideas that will provide memories and smiles for years to come?

Make Memories Move with Personalized Flipbooks

Birthday Flip BookWe love this idea of personalized flip books created from digital video clips. During a baby’s first year of life they spend so much time in their parents arms, it is difficult for the parent to get video footage of their child and even rarer to have video footage of their child AND them. This is where you come in. As a close family member or friend you likely have taken video of the infant and their brood at some point and it’s either still sitting on your camera/phone or sitting in an album labelled ‘Mobile Uploads’ on your Facebook account.

Starting for as little as $3 you can turn these digital video clips into paper flipclips that can be gifted, sent and shared with thrilled parents who now have a record they would never have otherwise. And it’s so simple. You just upload your video and customize your flip book cover! CLICK HERE for more details.

Create a Digital Online Scrapbook Dedicated to the Birthday Boy or Girl

Given birthdays are typically an occasion that are celebrated with close family and friends how great would it be to have an organized digital record of every milestone? As the recipient journeys through their life to senior citizen status they will have ongoing quick access to all their birthday celebrations- without the labor and expense of creating and storing physical scrapbooks that can easily become damaged over time.

Another wonderful benefit to keeping an online record is that the website address can be shared with friends and family unable to be physically present to participate in the special occasions. Visitors can add comments, record and upload video greetings and contribute their own images to the collection.

Google hangout parties can also be arranged for loved ones to participate in the birthday activities virtually. The hangout session can then be recorded, saved and added to the celebration site. This is a brilliant option for those who have family spread out all over the globe.

Unlike Social Media sites, creating a personal site allows you to organize the material in the way you want for quick, easy access, without having to scroll through multiple posts to get to the content you want to view. It also provides you with the option to keep a closer guard over your privacy in that you can create a login front end that only allows those whom you wish to share the content with the ability to view and contribute (i.e. no friends of friends!).

This ‘Birthday Celebration‘ site can be expanded to include all kinds of milestones. If your child is into sports, you can upload video’s and photo’s, tournament updates for any family that is interested in schedules and wants to attend a game, graduation highlights, music recitals, etc. This is a fantastic way for Grandparents who aren’t mobile or comfortable with navigating social media to stay connected with their loved ones in a more direct virtual environment.

A child’s first birthday is a great time to get started on this idea and it will be in the ‘cloud’ for generations to enjoy!

If you would like to learn how to create a site like this, we are putting together a step by step guide for novice users that won’t require any coding knowledge to set up (Once you have the skill set to create a personal site, you will also be equipped to create your own blog or small business site).

We are providing this material for FREE to the first 500 users who sign up, so if you would like to receive this, please fill in the form below. If you would prefer to have a celebration site created for you the cost is $500. Please contact us for further details at [email protected].


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