Over The Hill Birthday Gift Basket

WHY WE LIKE IT: This Over the Hill Birthday Gift Basket will result in lots of chuckles. We don’t think you could ask for anything more out of a milestone birthday celebration than to put a big smile on the birthday recipients face!

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Know someone who’s approaching or already full-on
Over the Hill‘?

This Over the Hill Birthday Gift Basket from Chocolate.org would make a great table centerpiece for a milestone birthday. It includes a tombstone towering over cookies, over the hill pills, white cheddar popcorn and lots of other goodies – our favorite being the “Over the Hill hearing aid”! Send this fun tongue in cheek gift basket to your favorite senior citizen (or to the twenty something year old who drives you banana’s with their inane, ‘I’m getting SO old!”). Just make sure they are equipped with a great sense of humor as it also comes with an “Over The Hill Pork & Beans Can for Regularity”!

With thirteen pieces in this basker, it’s great value and ships Internationally, but if you’re looking for a similarly themed gift at a lower price point then check out the Don’t Cry Over the Hill Birthday Kit. It’s approx $20 cheaper than the Over the Hill Birthday Gift Basket and contains items like Over The Hill fortune cookies,
an Over the Hill Coupon Book and Way Way Over The Hill chocolate mints. If you’re planning a surprise 50th birthday party and have a decent budget to work with, these would make ideal table centerpieces which you could then give away as prizes for games. There are liable to be ‘Over the Hill‘ friends in attendance!

WARNING: Not suitable for ‘ornery misers’!

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