Cookie Mix in a Jar

Cookie Mix in a Jar

WHY WE LIKE IT:  You never know how many bouquets of flowers the birthday recipient is going to get, so  Cookie Mix in a Jar is a delicious alternative that will stand out as special in their mind!

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Set to make the entire home smell like heaven, this gourmet Cookie Mix in a Jar will make an memorable gift for a birthday!

Two attractive mason jars arrive holding the key ingredients to gourmet cookies by Better Homes and Gardens, including Million Dollar Cookies which are made with whole grain oats and chocolate chips and Crisp & Colorful Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies made with the richest semi-sweet chocolate chips available. This Cookie Mix in a Jar is ‘da bomb’!

Arriving with a special cookie edition magazine from Better Homes and Gardens, this set of cookie mixes will make a mouth watering birthday gift. Note, the jars only contain the dry ingredients. Butter, eggs and vanilla will complete the recipe, and these are items that most people have readily available. With FTD’s delivery service they’ll get there on time and will be an unexpected surprise for the birthday recipient!

If you would rather have try making your own cookie mix in a jar, check out this video from the Domestic Geek that  walks you through 5 different ways to do so. What works for the holidays, works for birthdays too!

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